X-Inactivation Analysis NGS Panel

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Panel Description

X-Linked Conditions

At a certain point in development, females no longer require gene expression from both X chromosomes. Typically, one X chromosome is randomly selected to be silenced. When silencing is non-random, X-inactivation is skewed. Females with skewed X-inactivation and a pathogenic mutation in an expressed X-linked gene can develop X-linked related conditions.
This testing is targeted toward females with apparent signs of X-linked recessive disorders to determine skewing of X-inactivation.
This test is used to determine a patient's X-chromosome inactivation pattern (random or skewed), which can assist in the evaluation of suspicious or diagnostic findings that do not show expected segregation patterns.

Test Description

  • Rush / STAT
2 - 3 weeks
Call for details
Call for Details
Blood (two 4ml EDTA tubes, lavender top) or Extracted DNA (3ug in EB buffer) or Buccal Swab or Saliva (kits available upon request)
CPT Code 81479x2

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