About Fulgent

Fulgent Headquarters on a sunny day. Fulgent Headquarters on a sunny day.
Our mission is to develop and offer flexible and affordable health testing that improves the everyday lives of those around us.

Our History

Founded in 2011, Fulgent has evolved into a premier, full-service genomic testing company built around a foundational technology platform. Through our diverse testing menu, Fulgent is focused on transforming patient care in oncology, anatomic pathology, infectious and rare diseases, and reproductive health.

We believe that by providing a wide range of effective, flexible testing options in conjunction with best-in-class service and support, we can redefine the way medicine is managed for patients and clinicians alike.

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Our Values

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Customer Service
Our dedicated team of customer support staff is available to answer questions quickly and accurately, so you can spend more time with what's really important: patients.
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As a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab, quality controls are built into our procedures at every step, and multiple lab directors oversee all clinical procedures and analysis.
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Fulgent offers unrivaled flexibility in diagnostic testing, affordable genomic sequencing, and provider services - because every patient and situation is unique.
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By merging the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and computer science, we pursue excellence in genetic sequencing, scalability, and data analysis.
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Our Laboratory

Fulgent Genetics was the first clinical laboratory to offer copy number variation detection using NGS technology in the United States. Today, we continue to offer an unrivaled catalog of genetic testing, including over 18,000+ single gene tests, 900+ rare disease tests, whole genome sequencing, whole genome copy number variation analysis, mitochondrial sequencing, and CLIA/CAP quality sequencing services. And we are continually expanding our testing options.

We currently operate 7 labs across the US, all of which are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited, and surpass the highest standards of diagnostic testing. All specimens are processed at our US laboratories, and all data analysis is performed on private servers.


Collection of logos and licenses for Fulgent.
Collection of logos and licenses for Fulgent.
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) License
Temple City License (2021-2023)
Houston License (2021-2023)
College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation
Temple City License (2021-2023)
Houston License (2021-2023)
California Clinical Laboratory License
Temple City License
Houston License
Maryland Medical Laboratory License
Temple City License
Houston License
New York State Clinical Laboratory Permit
Temple City License

Contact Us

Our main lab is located in Southern California, with additional labs and offices across the United States.
Location icon 4978 Santa Anita Avenue
Temple City, CA, 91780
Phone icon (626) 350-0537
Fax icon (626) 454-1667
Map of Fulgent locations in the United States.