The HelioLiver Test

A multi-analyte blood test combining cell-free DNA (cfDNA) methylation patterns and protein tumor markers.

A Breakthrough in Early Liver Cancer Detection

The HelioLiver Test is a novel blood-based technique to detect specific markers in DNA that indicate higher likelihood of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HelioLiver can help detect HCC earlier, allowing patients access to more curative treatment options and improving outcomes overall.

A Simple Blood Test for Liver Cancer

HelioLiver requires only a simple blood draw that can be conducted during the same physician visit, instead of needing to schedule an additional appointment.

The HelioLiver Test is intended for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma in men and women age 21 and over who are designated to be at high-risk for hepatocellular carcinoma due to a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis. The HelioLiver test is not intended as a replacement for diagnostic biopsies or diagnostic imaging by contrast enhanced MRI or CT.

Elevating the Standard of Care

Compared to traditional early liver cancer detection methods, HelioLiver has shown improvements across the board.
Easy to Use
A simple blood draw can be done during patient routine visits or readily available options
Higher Sensitivity
Our test is 3x more sensitive than the current standard of care for early stage detection for small lesions
Proven Reliability
Get simple, easy-to-interpret results that are immediately actionable for physicians and patients
Improved Patient Adherence
Remove barriers to routine screening with expanded availability and convenience
Together we can

Catch Cancer Early, When it Counts the Most