Pharmaco­genetic Testing

Predicting Medication Responses through Genetic Testing


Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing tells us how genetic factors impact a person's ability to process and respond to medications. With this information, you can tailor medication plans to an individual's genetic makeup. This can increase the effectiveness of medications while reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions (ADR).

Fulgent's PGx testing is available to clinicians, researchers, and interested individuals with a written physcian's order.

What Testing Can Tell Us

PGx testing can reveal if a person is a fast, normal, or slow metabolizer. A person's metabolism changes the way their body responds to medication, including:
Excessive amounts of the drug accumulate in the bloodstream, resulting in ADRs.
Normal amounts of the drug enter the bloodstream, but even this is enough to trigger severe reactions in people with hypersensitivity to the medication.
Lack of Efficacy
The bloodstream cannot absorb enough of the drug to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Our Products

Focus Panel
Gene Count:
Includes clincally actionable gene/drug associations that have evidence-based guideline for therapeutic management.
Comprehensive Panel
Gene Count:

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Why Use PGx Testing?

Research shows that over 90 percent of people carry at least one PGx response variant and 65 percent of people are exposed to at least one PGx relevant drug. With PGx testing, you can learn about potential adverse reactions before an individual ever takes a drug, reducing the risk of "trial-and-error" prescribing.

Benefits of Testing

Minimize Costs
Patients can have varying responses to medication depending on their metabolism and genetic markers. PGx testing can help clinicians choose the most effective drug for each patient, saving them both time and money.
Reduce Risk of ADR
The FDA estimates that 6.7% of hospitalized paitents have ADR every year, many of which could be prevented. PGx testing can assess the risk of an ADR before a patient ever takes the medication, leading to increased patient safety and reduced costs for healthcare facilities.
Optimize Medication Plans
Creating a regimen designed for a patient's specific genetic markers and metabolism is important when prescribing medication. PGx testing can help clinicans select a dosage that efficiently treats the patient's symptoms.

How To Order

Our sample kits are available upon request.
Collect Sample
Blood, extracted DNA, or buccal swab, or saliva samples.
Complete TRF
Download and fill out the test requisition form
Send sample and completed TRF to
Fulgent Genetics
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