Known Mutation Testing

Fulgent offers rapid and accurate testing of specific mutations using the most optimal sequencing methodology. Detection status is reported in an informative and concise report.


Detection: Single nucleotide variants, small deletions and duplications, copy number variants
Methods: MLPA, NGS, qPCR, or Sanger
Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks

Familial Known Mutation Testing

Complimentary familial testing for VUS(es) are available for patients tested at Fulgent. Please contact our laboratory for additional information and limitations.

Sequencing reads on laptop screen
Specific Mutations

Fulgent also provides an assortment of specialized tests designed to detect specific genomic alterations that are beyond the capabilities of NGS. We are continuously developing new tests to meet your patients’ needs. Please reach out to our team to request additional assays.

Close-up of Sequencing image