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Fulgent Genetics offers over 18,000 single gene tests, all of which have the option to test copy number variants. In addition to the single gene tests we provide site-specific tests for all of our genes.

If you need something a little larger… Fulgent Genetics offers over 300+ preset pnales, most of which contain more genes than tests available elsewhere in the market place. We do this for clinicians that want to cast a ‘wider net’ against a problem rather than test a single gene. For clinicians that want build their own panels, we make it possible to simply adjust a preset panel (down/up) or even build a custom panel from scratch.

For those that need an even larger ‘net’ Fulgent Genetics offers Clinical Exome and Whole Exome testing. These tests offer phenotypically driven testing options.  Focusing each analysis on genes associated with the individual’s unique clinical presentation and family history enhances the clinical relevance of results.  Analysis and interpretation is guided by submitted clinical and family history information.  Both the Clinical Exome and Whole Exome tests include Del/Dup analysis of phenotypically significant genes.

Fulgent Genetics also offers Clinical and Whole Exome Trio testing options. Trios can be very informative, and among other uses give the ability to determine the phase of co-occurring variants.  De novo variants are also easily identifiable by their absence in the parents. The enhanced data analysis and interpretation provided by trio testing translate directly into increased diagnostic yield.

Customize any of our NGS panels or design your own at no extra cost. This is what flexibility looks like.

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Start with a disease-focused panel, then add up to 20 genes, or remove any number, all at no extra cost.
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